An Amazing You, Everyday

What if you could do this

in 5-6 mins?

Focus your mind

amid the chaos.

Shift your feelings

positively, here and now

Break free

from self-doubt.

Boost your mindset

for a busy work day.

Build better habits

naturally, without

pushing too hard.

Transform. Elevate. Break free.

with musical mind-hacks

Welcome to Conscious Music Code. A unique, music-based method for self development & lasting wellbeing, engaging your mind, body and the senses.

Get ready for powerful mind-hacks (guided musical journeys) to release self-limitations, transform your emotional state and step into your most amazing version.

You become what

you listen to.

We consciously use the power

of music to create an amazing,

empowered mindset.

5-6 mins a day

of engaged listening

Taking charge

of your thoughts & emotions

Build daily habits

to be your best version
Not another typical meditation app.
Boost your inner strengths

while enjoying yourself.

Don’t just listen. Engage.
Actively engage your body & mind with the music to experience the positive changes you want, immediately.

More than calming down. Transform.
Reprogram your subconscious & break free from self-limitations while enjoying the musical experience.

Not just for now. Make it last.
In just 5-6 mins a day you build positive mental habits to become an amazing version of yourself.


Change the way you feel



for every version of you.

Energise & Elevate

Know your Worth




to feel amazing now.

Nature inspired

moments of emotional bliss

Exciting journeys

of self-transformation.

For just 39$ a year only

Cancel any time you want.

Listen to our Free Teasers

Experience the guided musical journeys to
switch to a beautiful state of mind.

Clients & Partners

True wellbeing comes from a
joyful commitment to one‘s
personal growth.

Jeena Earthiva

Founder, Conscious Music Code
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